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Yorlife Photography,

YORLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY is based in YORK, NORTH YORKSHIRE, it offers photographic images that capture both the personality and natural look of Animals, watching out for those special seconds, whether they are classed as wildlife, pet, domestic or are in held captivity.

When taking images of any animal its welfare and well being is of the utmost importance, ideally taken in its natural habitat or setting in a relaxed state or at least unaware of the photographers presence. Horses & Dogs look their best when at ease or having fun running around.

Portrait or Action shot, Individual or Group. If you own a pet capturing those special moments is very important and can give a lot of viewing pleasure. As our pets grow older or sadly are no longer around holding onto a good quality photograph can bring back many happy memories of those very much loved or missed pets.

If you attend events to show or work with your Pet, photographic records of the event are also very special, you can even use photography in your training to assist in improving technique or style during your training / practice sessions.
Whether Equine, Canine or other types of Pets or Animal, Yorlife Photography takes time and care to ensure that the images taken reflect their characters or the action shots that you are looking for. By working closely with clients my aim is to offer a personalised service and produce images that you would feel proud to own.